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My Story

I have always wanted to be a nurse and a teacher as a young girl. I remember having Asthma as a child, and when home remedies didn’t work, I was taken to the hospital and always felt better after the nurses took care of me.

I had no idea at that time that doctors had any collaboration in it.

Okay, I got older and learned better.

Fast forward, I graduated from high school, went off to nursing school to obtain my Associate of Science Degree and later my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in nursing education.

I became a CPR Instructor, HTC and a CMSRN.

My Blog & Podcast


Why Did I Start This Blog?

I decided to create this blog and podcast to provide you with my nursing voice of experience on issues related to effective communication, professionalism, successful nursing faculty teaching strategies for experienced and new faculty, nursing students success, nurses’ experiences, health & wellness, and guide to nursing entrepreneurship.


What Do I Want You To Get Out Of The Blog?

I am intentional about challenging you to be your best in every aspect of your nursing or nurse entrepreneurship career.

Latest Podcast Episodes


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5 Rock Solid Tips for the New Nursing Faculty

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